I wanted to download a nicely formatted list of all my stock transactions (including dividends and cancelled transactions) but noticed there was no way doing that. I wrote up a little JavaScript code to quickly download the transaction list from Robinhood’s website.

Here’s how to do it yourself:

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Whether it’s the difficulties of building out new features or finding the coveted product-market fit, running a startup is hard. With so much to do, security can sometimes take a backseat but remains a danger lingering in the back of your mind.

Thankfully there are some simple, fundamental steps that…

Every month or so there’s news of another company that’s been hacked. The consequences are serious and can be catastrophic. A recent victim, Equifax, has left millions of people with stolen credit. To add insult to injury, Equifax’s stock took a big hit — dropping over 30% in a 10…

Evolving images to look like a picture of trump

My favorite way to learn is to read about various topics until something piques my interest. Most recently I’ve become interested in genetic algorithms (GA). …

Math symbols are intimidating. They’re not familiar and people often forget what they mean. For students trying to learn math, it would be beneficial if we used more words instead of symbols.

What’s more intuitive to you?


An average of numbers = (the sum of all the numbers ) / ( how many numbers there are)


Notice: I did use some math symbols in A!

Yes, one could say A is very wordy and B is straight to the point. However, many students won’t even understand what the latter means because they haven’t even fully retained the semantics of the symbols. Why not focus on understanding things conceptually (focusing more on words) and gradually slowly bring symbols into play.

What do you think? Is it coddling to use lots of words? or more engaging teaching?


Moving forward.

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